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The International Conference is a unique scientific conference built on the partnership of the Centre for Strategic Initiatives and Progressive Development, PAR University College, Juraj Dobrila University of Pula (Pula, Croatia), and other international partners. This is the first and only scientific conference, which has been held in Poreč (Croatia) since 2018, uniting the scientific community of Ukraine with the EU.

During the Conference, participants have the opportunity to undergo an international internship and receive a European 5-ECTS certificate (international internship with an English-language supplement in the field of scientific work of the participant)signed by the organizers. Each participant of the Conference will have the opportunity to present the research results on relevant issues in the area of expertise, to communicate with colleagues, to build a springboard for future projects.

The programme traditionally covers topics related to business management, education, sports, tourism, and other fields of expertise. It should be noted that there is a separate block planned for trainings in psychological profiling, public speaking and prevention of procrastination.

This event is distinguished by its commitment to modern leaders – those who want to share or improve their skills. The programme is uniquely structured and allows you to enjoy the beauty of Croatia.



The Conference is intended as a forum for education workers and experts where they will share their knowledge and skills, while providing participants with an incentive for further expansion of their area of expertise in the global market and for the development of professional networks. All the participants will have the opportunity to improve their competencies, vision and expand their knowledge, as well as to develop thinking.


We believe that our mission is to promote both educational practice and economic development for the benefit of society as a whole, as well as to enable people and organizations to seek opportunities for the improvement of their skills. At the same time, the main mission is to contribute to the active cooperation between educational institutions and to assist them in improving the quality of education. We fully support scientific research and development, academic management, participation in the development of society, professional integration and employment opportunities for graduates.


The best European and Ukrainian experts, leaders and their deputies, deans, university professors, national consultants and students are gathered in one place to participate in various programmes, interactive panels, discussions and seminars.


We offer you a six-day learning experience surrounded by the beauty of the Mediterranean coast where we encourage the exchange of ideas and problems with the involvement of prominent world speakers and presenters.


For today, there are numerous views in the research sphere of a new relations order after COVID-19. But everyone is wondering: What will be the consequences of the pandemic and what will the world order look like after COVID-19…

The world after COVID-19 is unlikely to return to the world it was before. Many tendencies, which are already observed in the world economy, are accelerating due to the pandemic.

This applies especially to the digital economy with increasing digitalization, such as remote work and study, telemedicine, delivery services and so on. All structural changes can also accelerate, including the tourism and both hotel and restaurant business. The implementation of these changes in all spheres of our lives are important and difficult.

The purpose of the SEITE2022 autumn meeting is to reassemble scientists and business representatives interested in the theoretical development and practical application of scientific achievements.


Today’s world embodies the concept of “VUCA” (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity). Therefore, humanity intuitively feels that education must change radically as well.

The main trend in modern education is the implementation of the educational model of “lifelong learning”, which allows a person to adapt and develop their competencies and professional skills in accordance with rapid changes in the economy, technology and labour markets. Today, consumers of education services prefer to decide for themselves what, when and how they want to study. They pay more attention to the personal growth as part of their education.

Therefore, the goal is to provide a combination of experience and knowledge in various spheres of society, necessary for the development of skills aimed at interaction between the conference participants and increasing the global competitiveness level of organizations, institutions and individuals. Join us in the study of innovative practices through a variety of highly interactive training programmes!

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