PARtner of the conference

September. The amazing country of Croatia is pleased to welcome participants of the six-day International Scientific and Practical Conference and International Internship. Having a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea and unique historical architectural monuments, Croatia creates a wonderful atmosphere for participating in the scientific discourse and learning. During the trainings and panel discussions, participants will have an opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences with European colleagues, and enjoy lectures by famous speakers from around the world.

We invite everyone, in particular the education and scientific workers, to join our annual event and contribute to the creation of a single educational space with the EU.

Dei Maryna
Director E-SCIENCE SPACE (Poland)
Doctor of Philosophy in Law
(Ph.D.), Associate Professor
National Aviation University (Ukraine)
Organizing Directors

5 reasons why you should participate in the Conference:

  1. It is a unique scientific and practical conference held since 2018 and aimed to create a single educational space with the European Union. It will give you the opportunity to become an outstanding expert in the educational environment.
  2. You will be awarded with the Certificate of International Internship.
  3. You will learn from the experience of the influential education and science experts.
  4. You will have an opportunity to get inspired by the greatest minds, as the participants of the Conference are authoritative experts who are ready to share their skills for your improvement.
  5. You will expand your professional network and build strong partnership with the colleagues from around the world.